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  I'm stuck and need a tow   -   Eric

I'm stuck and need a tow
Date: 04.01.04 21:59 (Sun, 04 Jan 2004 14:59:40 -0600)
From: Eric
Hi -

I'm hope I'm not being a bother but I just can't seem to get this.

I can get my Hero (Cider) to jump up and land on the ground ok and
jump and land on an object.(brick, platform etc..) However two problems
One is when he lands on an object then walks left or right and goes
off the edge of the object he doesn't fall he just keeps walking. So he's
walking on air.

The second thing is if Cider jumps while he is on an object or "walking
on air"
he will come down but plows through the ground a bit. He doesn't stop at the
ground. Now he will stop at the ground if he jumps from the ground but
not from an object.

Also, since I have changed some thing Cider will not fall down holes
anymore. Bummer...

I'm close but I'm having trouble seeing what I'm doing wrong.
Does anyone see any problems with the code below?

In the NextFrame Event I have:

HeroSprite.y = HeroSprite.y + YVelocity

rightX = Cider.HeroSprite.X + Cider.HeroSprite.image.width
rightY = Cider.HeroSprite.Y + Cider.HeroSprite.image.height
leftX = Cider.HeroSprite.x
LeftY = Cider.HeroSprite.Y

SolidObject = SolidGroundAtXY(rightx,righty)
if SolidObject then
Cider.YVelocity = 0
Cider.heroSprite.y = leftY
end if

//key check for left, right and down and scrolling here


if me.keytest(&h37) then // command (jump)

if Cider.StandingStillFrame = 0 then
frame_Index = 2
elseif Cider.StandingStillFrame = 3 then
frame_Index = 5
end if
if Cider.jumping then
end if
Cider.jumping = true

end if

end if

//Check for run button here


Cider.HeroSprite.image = Cider.Images(frame_Index)


Eric Richards

- - -
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