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Quesa 1.6d18 posted to www.Quesa.org (Real Studio games Mailinglist archive)

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  Quesa 1.6d18 posted to www.Quesa.org   -   Joseph J. Strout

Quesa 1.6d18 posted to www.Quesa.org
Date: 07.01.04 15:37 (Wed, 7 Jan 2004 08:37:25 -0600)
From: Joseph J. Strout
From a post by Kevin Matthews <<email address removed>> to the Quesa
mailing list:

Quesa 1.6d18 is now posted at the the Quesa web site, at:


This distribution, which has long been awaiting posting, includes
downloads of pre-built binaries for Mac OSes and Windows, as well as
developer packages with documentation, source code, projects, and other
supporting files.

Thanks to all Quesa contributors, and supporters!

I recommend that all RB users who currently use the Rb3DSpace
control, or think they might use it at some point in the future,
download and install this latest release of Quesa.

- Joe