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Re: Project idea: tactical RPG   -   Lars Jensen
  Mach-o (was Re: Project idea: tactical RPG)   -   Frank C.

Mach-o (was Re: Project idea: tactical RPG)
Date: 09.01.04 01:47 (Thu, 8 Jan 2004 19:47:24 -0500)
From: Frank C.
On 8-Jan-04, at 6:58 PM, Chris Dillman wrote:

>> On 8-Jan-04, at 5:46 PM, Chris Dillman wrote:
>>>> On 5-Jan-04, at 8:17 PM, Joseph J. Strout wrote:
>>>>>> 3. Was monitor resolution changing ever added to RB?
>>>>> Nope, you still need a plugin for that.
>>>> Display Overlord is a start:
>>>> <http://webhome.idirect.com/~frankco/rb/plugins.html>. Win32 is on
>>>> the to-do list (the plugin's source code is included for anyone so
>>>> inclined - wink wink). I should be getting a windows box this month
>>>> so I'll have a bit more incentive to do it myself once that happens
>>>> - maybe...
>>> Off hand
>>> What are you using to change screen res?
>> OS X - CGDirectDisplay
>> OS 9 - DrawSprocket
>> There are some DisplayManager calls in the OS 9 path but the actual
>> switching is done with DrawSprocket. Source is included with the
>> download, it should be fairly straight forward if you're familiar
>> with the API's.
> ...Cause I was thinking to link to the carbon framework you need a
> mach-o plug in?

Probably a discussion for the plugin list but here goes...

You can resolve mach-o functions at runtime from a CFM binary (and for
right now, RB only supports CFM plugins, so this is the only option).
Apple has a couple examples of how to do this in the Carbon SDK
(CallMachOFramework, and LateImport). I use the CallMachOFramework
technique in my plugins, with macros to allow real Macho function names
instead of funky pointers.


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