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(no subject)
Date: 10.01.05 21:36 (Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:36:26 -0500)
From: Greg Gillis
> Yes, all you have to do is set the orientation equal to the camera's
> orientation, and use Object3D.LocalToWorldTransform to find the
> position.

Thanks to everyone for the replies! It seems
Object3D.ObjectToWorldTransform was the part of the equation I was

I now have one more question though. If I display 2D overlays using the
method described above, I can position them relative to the camera but
not the RB3DSpace itself. This become a bit of an issue if the aspect
ratio of the game surface needs to be able to change, such as if the
game is played on a 4:3 monitor as opposed to the
somewhat-more-common-nowadays 15:9 Apple displays.

Is there any reliable method I could use to, say, put a 2D status
display box a certain distance from the right edge of the 3D surface
regardless of the surface's shape?

Greg Gillis

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