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  SpriteWorld in RB   -   Seth Willits

SpriteWorld in RB
Date: 21.01.05 04:15 (Thu, 20 Jan 2005 19:15:33 -0800)
From: Seth Willits
I got it working, though something causes and assertion when it quits.
Unfortunately SpriteWorld is not thread safe, so you either have to run
it in a timer or a loop on the main thread. It has full support for
layers and all of that, but it doesn't have any tile loading stuff yet.
I'm to lazy to write a decent test project, so this is a half shout out
to anyone who wants to help.

Seth Willits
President and Head Developer of Freak Software - http://www.freaksw.com
REALbasic Guru at ResExcellence - http://www.resexcellence.com/realbasic

"Standing up for what you believe in is never a waste of time."

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