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Subject: Re: Find Other Servers on LAN (Real Studio games Mailinglist archive)

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Subject: Re: Find Other Servers on LAN   -   Tim Dykes

Subject: Re: Find Other Servers on LAN
Date: 24.02.05 21:33 (Fri, 25 Feb 2005 07:33:34 +1100)
From: Tim Dykes
> AutoDiscovery is the correct way. Instead of giving up on it, pursue
> what the problem might be. Any other solution is almost certainly
> going to end up being a reimplementation of AutoDiscovery.
> Best,
> - Jo

well on my desktop computer nothing happens, on my laptop, the laptop
ip shows up twice, thats it, iv tryed 3 differnt codes from the RB
support page,

autoDiscovery1.bind ( 7451 )

get member list:
Dim s(-1) as String
Dim i as Integer
s= AutoDiscovery1.GetMemberList
For ito Ubound(s)
ListBox1.addrow s(i)
Any IDeas?
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