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Re: realbasic-games Digest, Vol 12, Issue 17   -   KamaShin

Re: realbasic-games Digest, Vol 12, Issue 17
Date: 21.03.05 22:37 (Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:37:33 +0100)
From: KamaShin
Mac OS X 10.3.8 with RB 5.5.4

Le 21 mars 05, à 19:00, <email address removed>
a écrit :

>> the title almost says it all... I ve got a project with several
>> windows... The main window is a standard Document Window whereas the
>> others are Floating Windows... But strangely, only 3 of these other
>> windows shows as a Floating one...the other 2 appear and behave like
>> standard Document Win...
>> I'm wondering if this might be due to either the content of those
>> windows or the source code in them (like having MenuHandler or
>> TabPanel or...)
>> Are there known things I mustn't do/put in a window if I want it to
>> be something else than a Document Window???
>> (by the way, I tried setting the frame of these 2 to other value like
>> Modal, Plain Box and so on... none work.. they still appear as
>> Document Window... I even tried to re-make them from scratch (with the
>> exact same content/source code) and the pbm is still here... so it
>> must be something I ve put in them but what...?)
> What platform and RB version?
> Asher Dunn

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