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  BANG - Old RB demo is up.   -   Chris Dillman

BANG - Old RB demo is up.
Date: 15.05.05 04:14 (Sat, 14 May 2005 22:14:00 -0500)
From: Chris Dillman

By request I have uploaded my old old RB BANG test
app which is pictured on the web page.


Link at the bottom.


This was my original test bed for basically doing unit test while
I added features.

The code is not an example app for anyone to actually look at.

The Game part of the app shows what one might make in about an hour.

Controls are:
arrow keys
space to fire
Q, W, E, S are some camera controls

What this app shows:
Time based movement
Particle system
Basic physics system
Triangle level hit detection

The app is using immediate mode for drawing.

The map text file contains the maze layout.

There is two tris being drawn for each tile.

Meaning this is drawing using no GL optimizations, no display lists etc.

Each block is made of up a 3D object with each face being another child object.

Lighting is dynamic per vertex lighting done in software.

PNGs with or with out alpha channels are being loaded for textures.

This app is like 3 years old... seems to run ok here under 10.3

Tell me if anyone thinks they could do this in RB3D?