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  Right-Click problems   -   Rasmus Lindén <

Right-Click problems
Date: 29.09.05 23:48 (Fri, 30 Sep 2005 00:48:03 +0200)
From: Rasmus Lindén <
I'm trying to make point-n-click adventure game in Realbasic, and I'm
currently trying to implement a "menu" of sorts that pops up when you
right click and hold(like in some LucasArts games, like Full
Throttle). But I'm having some trouble, it seems like when Realbasic
sees that it's a IsContextualClick, it fires the MouseUp event
immediately after the MouseDown event :/
(What I'm doing now is that whenever MouseDown is fired, if
IsContextualClick is true then I set a boolean variable called
RightClick to true. When the MouseUp event is fired, RightClick is
false. My other methods check this boolean variable and respond

It works fine when I use Keyboard.AsyncControlKey instead of
Rightclick(or, well, you have to use Control instead of right-
clicking, but otherwise it works as I want it to).

Sorry if this message seems a little cryptic, it feels like I'm
having a hard time explaining.

Anyone got any tips? Plugins?

/Rasmus Lindén

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