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  New strategy game in development.   -   Tony Kirk

New strategy game in development.
Date: 15.10.05 22:05 (Sat, 15 Oct 2005 16:05:45 -0500)
From: Tony Kirk
Hello all,
I'm not really new to the realbasic lists, as I've been lurking for a bit
now, but this is my first post :) I'm starting development on a new 3d game
that I'm going to call "Warband Warfare" until I come up with something
better. The game will be similar to games like Advance Wars (I and II) for
the Gameboy Advance or any of the many "<name here>: Tactics" games like
Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Tactics or the newer games I just found out are
finally coming out for the PSP like The Lord of The Rings: Tactics and Field
Commander. Basically, no story real story line, just 2 (or more maybe) small
warbands of 1-20 characters each fighting out a small skirmish on a piece of
a battle field or in a small town that sits in ruin (see Mordheim
http://www.specialist-games.com/mordheim/default.asp ).

I've been planing this game for about 5 years now and I've actually made
it all the way to starting the code for it ... several times. but then
something happens and I never get to continue. Well I've realized that my
biggest problem in the has always been me. Trying to do everything myself
and not having all the knowledge to DO it all. I'm like that :)

So here I am, finally asking for a little help. If there are some people
out there and/or on this list that would like to help in some way I more
than welcome you. But what I mainly need is some advice and pointers on 3D
programming. I have forgotten almost everything about calculus and geometry
from school :) I've been programming for ~15 years now but it's all been
desktop applications, database apps etc.. Nothing even close to game related

For those interested in what I've put together so far (it's all been 2d
based stuff since that's what I was going to do this project as at first) I
have a site for it at http://ww.phooie.com. And there is *not* a missing w
in that URL. The ww is for WarbandWarfare. But to avoid confusion I will
have to change the URL :) Oh and I put the site up after my first real build
of the 2d version with some of the navigation working. That was just before
I really dug into the 3d stuff RB offered and realized that it would be
almost as easy to just do it in 3d and keep it simple at first. Like maybe a
fixed overhead camera view. I will be redoing the whole site to reflect the
switch to a 3d game.

So to finish this long ramble of a post; I'm looking to see how much of an
interest there is in this sort of project and to see if you guys could offer
some direction to online/book resources for 3d algorithms that would
translate well to RB code. I'm thinking of stuff like calculating line of
sight from a given point on an object or code to do automatic camera
movement from one object to another.. You know, ... everything :) I'm using
RB 2005, latest release.


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