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  Tutorial Chapter 5 Problem   -   Daniel Leavey
   Re: Tutorial Chapter 5 Problem   -   B Traver

Tutorial Chapter 5 Problem
Date: 25.01.05 21:39 (Tue, 25 Jan 2005 15:39:31 -0500)
From: Daniel Leavey
To anyone familiar with this tutorial...

On page 34 a SaveFile method was added to the Text Window¹s Code Editor.

Coding instructions are finished by page 51, and the Debug is Run.

However, during debugging, the following message is returned with the words
SaveFile highlighted in the Code Editor:

³This method or property does not exist.²

I¹m looking at the SaveFile method in the Methods folder of the Code Editor,
but the Debug routine says it isn¹t there.

Any ideas?

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Re: Tutorial Chapter 5 Problem
Date: 28.01.05 05:18 (Thu, 27 Jan 2005 23:18:35 -0500)
From: B Traver

Here are a couple of thoughts.

First, compare the code you've created with the code for
TextEditor-ch5.rb. Other than doing it visually, here's one way you can
do that. Save your code as an XML file and save TextEditor-ch5.rb as an
XML file (e.g., TextEditor-ch5.xml). Then use a program that can
compare two text files and show you the differences. (I use EditPad
Pro, which has a very useful "Compare Files" option on the Extras menu,
but that's a Windows program; if you're using a Mac, you may need to
find a similar utility.)

Second, the first time I read that chapter I think I almost missed the
difference between "FileSave" and "SaveFile." Make sure you've got the
right one or that you haven't accidentally misspelled a word (I'm
getting older and my eyesight is not what it used to be, so I find that
I can easily mistype "SaveFile" as, say, "SavoFile" and not catch the
difference at once). Fortunately, the REALbasic warning that "something
does not exist" lets me know that "something is perhapss misspelled."

Third, when you get the message "This method or property does not
exist," check the "Access Scope" and/or whether you've put the method or
property in the right place (e.g., Window1 source code rather than App
source code or Module1 source code). The message that it doesn't exist
oftn really means that it can't be seen from some area of the program
that needs to be able to see it for the program to run. For a Window,
"Access Scope" may be "Public" (available anywhere), "Protected"
(available to the window and its subclasses), or "Private" (available to
the Window only). For a Module, "Access Scope" may be "Global"
(available anywhere), "Public" (available anywhere as long as reference
is made to the module name), or "Private" (available to the module

I hope that helps.

Barry Traver

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