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Re: gettingstarted Digest, Vol 11, Issue 17   -   Sairah Naheed

Re: gettingstarted Digest, Vol 11, Issue 17
Date: 10.02.05 06:08 (Thu, 10 Feb 2005 10:08:25 +0500)
From: Sairah Naheed
>> I need a way to get the following info about a Mac:
>> Processor Temperature,
>> Last Restart
>> Hard Disk Space.
>> I know I will be going through the Shell, but exactly how?
>> Sairah Naheed
> There are a couple of Shell class examples in the Example Projects that
> can be downloaded from RB's site. These show how the Shell class is
> used.
> The command 'uptime' will give you the time since last restart. The
> stdout can be parsed and then converted to the date and time of last
> restart. The 'df' command displays free disk space (df -k -l), using it
> with the -k parameter will report the info in 1024-byte blocks and the
> -l parameter limits the report to local mounted disks.
> For some info on getting processor temps, take a look here :
> <www.bresink.de/osx>

Thank you!


Sairah Naheed
Project Manager
Jin Technologies Private Limited

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