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Re: MDI Window dressing   -   Aaron Ballman

Re: MDI Window dressing
Date: 09.02.06 05:49 (Wed, 08 Feb 2006 22:49:38 -0600)
From: Aaron Ballman
> I have set a new application to launch with an MDI window. That works
> fine and I have found how to make it open maximised. What I can't find is
> how to make it look more attractive - e.g. with a color (other than that
> dark grey (yuk)), or better still, with a picture or logo etc. I asked
> the RB helpdesk, but was informed by Jason that RB cannot do that, but he
> suspected there was a way, using a Windows API.
> Any volunteers ?

You can use the SetSysColor API to change the MDI background color, but
it's *really* not advised since that changes it for every MDI app, not
just yours.

The only other way that you could do it is by getting a handle to the
MDI client window handle (the Windows Functionality Suite has a method
for this I think; if not, just ask) and manually drawing stuff yourself.

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