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Fwd: ListBox Sorting (Real Studio network user group Deutschland Mailinglist archive)

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  Fwd: ListBox Sorting   -   Claudius Sailer

Fwd: ListBox Sorting
Date: 06.08.02 21:48 (Tue, 6 Aug 2002 22:48:33 +0200)
From: Claudius Sailer

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> Von: Support <<email address removed>>
> Datum: Di, 06. Aug. 2002 22:33:43 Europe/Berlin
> An: Claudius Sailer <<email address removed>>
> Betreff: Re: ListBox Sorting
>> I defined that a ListBox shouldn't be able to sort. I defined this in
>> the HeaderPressed-Event with "return true" and HeadingIndex is set to
>> -1. But when I press the header the header turns into blue and the
>> sorting sign is also in the header. Is there any chance that the header
>> turns not to blue and the sorting sign is not shown like before I
>> pressed it?
> Hello Claudius,
> You can prevent this a couple of ways. You can put this code in the
> mousedown event of the listbox:
> return true
> But, you may need to write some code to check and see if the user
> clicked in
> the header region of the listbox before you return true.
> Jason

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