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Office Automation ?
Date: 31.08.01 04:27 (Fri, 31 Aug 2001 15:27:05 +1200)
From: Tracy
Hi Listers
I am currently evaluating RB, I have a couple of general ideas, your
comments are invited.

I wish to port my app currently in Access 97 (I realise I must re-write in
RB). RB has no report
writer - so I thought what about using the Office Automation scenario and
print reports out of Word ?

Has anybody used the Office Automation ?

Or are there other ways to create reports - using the PrintOut feature of RB

Comments suggestions welcomed.

At the moment I'm exploring all possibilties to port the app. RB seems the
best as it uses BASIC
which is quite similar to VB for Applications - which I'm familiar with.

Cheers Tracy

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