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Picture Blend Utility
Date: 05.05.02 18:07 (Sun, 5 May 2002 13:07:58 -0400)
From: robsteely nc.rr.com
I've written a small graphics utility called Picture Blend that opens a
source image and produces a gradient color blend at the top, bottom,
left, or right of the image using a specified blend color. The program
can optionally help select a blend color by calculating the average
color of one or more rows/columns in the source image. The program can
then save the gradient image in one of ten image formats supported by

Why would I write such a thing? I was having trouble getting the sky and
ground pictures to mesh with the sides of a cubic panorama I was
producing for a RB3D game so, I decided to use a solid sky and ground
color (also saves texture RAM). But I needed something to blend the top
and bottom edges of the sides to my chosen sky color seamlessly (and I
don't own Photoshop). So, I wrote this.

The program is open-source and public domain. The source code and the
built application are both included in the download.

If anyone's interested, it can be found at:

Carbon version (808 kb):


Classic version (668 kb):


or visit my website at http://www.steelysoft.com


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