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Re: REALbasic-NUG Digest #6111   -   Sean Conley
  3DMF files (was Re: REALbasic-NUG Digest #6111)   -   Joseph J. Strout

Re: REALbasic-NUG Digest #6111
Date: 05.05.02 22:04 (Sun, 5 May 2002 16:04:06 -0500)
From: Sean Conley
Weird...the 3dmf files that come with Quesa work just fine. But they're
in a totally different format from my 3dmf files (I opened them with a
text editor). I use Artifice's DesignWorkshop Lite to create my 3dmf's.
Obviously DesignWorkshop saves files in a format that can only be read
be QuickDraw 3D. Where can I get another 3D modeling program (free if

>> I'm using the latest version of Quesa on Mac OS X. My RB3DSpace
>> works fine when I just use AddShapePicture, but when I use
>> AddShapeFromString, the program crashes.
> What's in the string? Have you tried the samples on the CD, or the
> ones that come with the FAQ? Do those work OK for you?
> Cheers,
> - Joe

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