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FSSpec vs FSref, how to save a file reference?
Date: 05.05.02 22:55 (Sun, 5 May 2002 17:55:57 -0400)
From: James Sentman
Hi Folks,

On classic MacOS we could work with FSSpec's and save them via some
plugins or use alias records to save file references into our
preferences or other documents. Under OSX aren't these methods
"depreciated"? Should I start looking into how to work with FSref's?
I feel like I'm just coding in bugs if I save off paths and try to
restore them later.

Going forward in OSX, what is the preferred way to store a reference
to a file? Perhaps a request for a new folderitem property
f.aliasdata or something else that would return a cross platform
string that could be saved off any way you choose and then another
method for turning that back into a folderitem? That would save me
from having to write too many declares;) On OSX that might be an
FSRef (or can you not save those between program runs? I can't
remember) or a CURL and on windows it might just be the path.