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  Cubies Deadline Extended! More Prizes!   -   Lorin Rivers
   Re: Cubies Deadline Extended! More Prizes!   -   Lorin Rivers

Cubies Deadline Extended! More Prizes!
Date: 06.05.02 22:41 (Mon, 6 May 2002 16:41:52 -0500)
From: Lorin Rivers
We continue to receive excellent entries for the Cubies, so we've
decided to extend the deadline to 20 May, 2002. Winners will be
announced in early June.

To submit a nomination, send an email to
<<email address removed>>. If relevant, please include a url.
Only Premier partners are eligible for software categories.

New Sponsors!
MacTech Magazine:

MacTech Magazine, the journal of Macintosh technology and
development, would like to reward the "Overall" winner for the
Cubies. As publishers of the fabulously successful "REALbasic
Showcase" section, MacTech will award the winner a free 3 month, 1/4
page ad in the REALbasic Showcase in MacTech Magazine. If the winner
is already an advertiser, they will instead get a sizable increase in
ad size. For more information on the REALbasic Showcase, contact
MacTech Magazine at <mailto:<email address removed>>.

Other winners will receive a one-year subscription to the Magazine.

MacAddict Magazine:
Winners will receive a selection from the MacAddict give-away closet
(cool knick-knacks).

Overall and Game category winners will receive a MacSoft game.

More announcements to come!

Re: Cubies Deadline Extended! More Prizes!
Date: 07.05.02 01:55 (Mon, 6 May 2002 19:55:46 -0500)
From: Lorin Rivers
At 3:22 PM -0700 5/6/02, German W. Bauer wrote:
>Sorry, this must be a question already answered but what are "Premier
>Is there a list of Cubie submission rules and requirements available to
>those who decided to participate 'in the last minute'?
>+ G

The categories are; Advocate of the Year, Cross-Platform, Developer
Tool, Game, Internet, Mac OS X, Utility, Overall, and Business.

We want to recognize the contributions our users have made to the
industry by recognizing the excellence of what they have produced
with REALbasic. The contest opens now, and closes April 26, 2002.
REAL Software will announce the finalists the following week and the
winners in each category during Apple's World Wide Developers

We will accept nominations from anyone, but no REAL Software employee
or member of their family will be eligible. The only other
requirement is that the products be Premier partners in the Made with
REALbasic program
Winners will receive TWO free upgrades to REALbasic, our support in
publishing the product (if desired), free publicity, the admiration
and envy of their peers, and other prizes to be announced.

The entries will be judged on quality, fitness to the task (fun game?
useful utility?), polish, verve, and brio. The categories are as

Mac OS X: The best application for Mac OS X. It need not fall into
any particular category, and can also support the classic Mac OS (and
heck, Windows too).

Business: The best tool for conducting some sort of commercial
activity, whether it is a traditional business application or a tool
for creating stuff that makes money for the user.

Game: The best game. We will know it when we see it, can be pure
entertainment, action, strategy, educational, you name it, it's all

Internet: Best tool for the Internet. This could be anything useful
in that rather large arena, from a server tool, to a decoder, player,
testing tool. If it uses IP (or its cousins) or some known protocol
or format, it's in!

Cross-platform: The best example of an application that embraces both
the Mac OS and Windows.

Utility: The best application that does something useful. This too is
intentionally broad! All it has to do is crank out the utiles, and we
will be all over it.

REALbasic development aid: This includes plug-ins, classes, modules,
frameworks, pre- and post-processors, anything that helps some
REALbasic developer get the job done.

Overall: The very best REALbasic application we receive. It can be a
double winner, or it can be one of those None of the Above fliers
that just blows us away.

Advocate of the Year: Finally, there's a special category for the
REALbasic advocate of the year, that person who has done the most for
the community, and helped make REALbasic known everywhere as the
truly great tool that it is.

These are all open for nominations from the community. To nominate
someone, or some product, send email to
<mailto:<email address removed>>. Don't be shy, either! Nominate
yourself! It's not a vote, though, so no need to stuff the ballot box!

Keep up-to-date: <>.

Check out last year's winners: