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Re: Bellman Algorithm for Path Finding   -   Thomas Reed
  Re: Bellman... and where to post   -   Boris Segerstahl

Re: Bellman... and where to post
Date: 07.05.02 07:54 (Tue, 7 May 2002 09:54:36 +0300)
From: Boris Segerstahl
I somehow assumed that is the place where you can get an iDisk
and where you can put stuff for distribution if (like me) you have
neither capacity nor ambition nor need to do anything more fancy. When I
have something worth showing to the world I will put it on my iDisk.

I hate unmatched end ifs

On Monday, May 6, 2002, at 06:53 PM, Thomas Reed wrote:


> ...... If the original poster doesn't have a web site
> on which this could be posted, I'm sure someone else would be willing to
> host it.

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