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  [ANN] SortingListbox   -   Charles Yeomans

[ANN] SortingListbox
Date: 07.05.02 22:13 (Tue, 7 May 2002 17:13:41 -0400)
From: Charles Yeomans
I've written a SortingListbox class for RB3 users. SortingListbox is a
subclass of the RB Listbox class that allows you to define your own
comparisons for sorting, almost like the RB4 Listbox class.

SortingListbox should work on all platforms supported by RB2 or later;
I've tested it only with RB 3.5.2 Classic.

Download: <http://www.quantum-meruit.com/RB/SortingListbox.sit.hqx>

Charles Yeomans

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