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4.0.2 and Type 2
Date: 07.05.02 07:53 (Mon, 6 May 2002 23:53:38 -0700)
From: Eric M. Williams
Hello list ~

I'm getting Type 2 errors under 4.0.2 Classic. This happens while
running in the IDE or the built application, and in the same spot -
but inserting exception blocks does not catch the problem. It
sometimes takes down the entire machine, but it will usually drop
into MacsBugs:

PowerPC access exception at 3E02DEF8 ObjectIsa(ObjectBase*,

I've got a complete StdLog available by request. Based on what's
happening at the moment it crashes, it might have something to do
with creating or destroying windows or controls, but it's difficult
to pin down.

Anybody else getting anything remotely similar? It's awfully hard to
diagnose without being able to use exception handlers - thanks for
anything you can offer!

Eric M. Williams
Seattle, Washington