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Re: FAQ [V4RB] Simple Programming Style Question   -   Ruslan Zasukhin

Re: FAQ [V4RB] Simple Programming Style Question
Date: 08.05.02 07:50 (Wed, 08 May 2002 09:50:00 +0300)
From: Ruslan Zasukhin
on 5/8/02 3:58, Keith DeLong at <email address removed> wrote:

Hi Keith,

>> All properties are described in V4RB Reference.pdf.
>> What you need more?
> Reserved name lists are a handy cross reference. They list variable names
> that one needs to not use for new variables within a particular development
> tool.
> In the example above, the properties of a base object (name) are not so
> apparent when using the reference looking at the creation of vFields.


Please do not confuse "RESERVED WORDS" of language (for, next, while,...)
With names of properties/methods of classes.

Yes, if in class VBaseObject exists property "Name As string",
Then in subclasses you cannot already define your own property or method
with such name.

But this is not correct say that 'Name' is reserved word for V4RB.
Because for OTHER classes you CAN use it. For example VCursor do not have
property Name.

You see?