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[ANN] Writer 2.7 Released!
Date: 08.05.02 22:01 (Wed, 08 May 2002 22:01:19 +0100)
From: Daniel Kennett
KennettNet are pleased to announce the release of Writer 2.7 for Mac OS
8.5 - 9.x.x and for Mac OS X. This is a major update to the popular text
editing programs, which are made with REALbasic.

Writer is a small text editor with a few extra features, such as an
internet dictionary and the ability to scale images before inserting
them into your documents. Writer will attempt to open any file at all,
and possible uses for this include rescuing raw text from damaged Word
files. You can use Writer fully and with no time limit, but to get rid
of the annoying 'nag screen' a $5 registration is needed.

Both programs feature these fixes and more:

€ Documents now remember their size and position on the screen.
€ Writer can now automatically notify you when a new version is available.

In Mac OS X, scroll wheel support has been greatly improved, and you can
operate most sliders just by pointing your mouse at them and scrolling.

There are many, many more fixes and improvements. For more information,
see <http://www.kennettnet.co.uk/software/>

The direct download links are as follows:

Writer for Mac OS X:
Writer for Mac OS "Classic":

Both downloads include a detailed manual describing how to use Writer.


-- Daniel

Daniel B Kennett
<email address removed> http://www.kennettnet.co.uk/software/

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