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  [ANN] PodUtil 1.0b1 Released   -   Daniel Kennett

[ANN] PodUtil 1.0b1 Released
Date: 08.05.02 22:11 (Wed, 08 May 2002 22:11:40 +0100)
From: Daniel Kennett
KennettNet are pleased to announce the release of PodUtil 1.0b1 for Mac OS
8.5 - 9.x.x and for Mac OS X. This is a brand new product, still in beta,
which is made with REALbasic.

PodUtil is (another) management program for the Apple iPod. It allows you to
directly edit the Contacts on your iPod, presenting them in a list for
one-click editing. As soon as you're done editing, the contact(s) are saved
for immediate use on your iPod. No more fiddling around copying .vcf files
everywhere, PodUtil does it in one click!

Another function PodUtil can do is to copy the music from your iPod back to
your computer. While doing so, it can organise your music by artist and/or
album, and will also change the creator codes to match the one of your
favourite MP3 player.

All this, and a friendly interface to boot! Oh, and it is free!

For more information and screenshots, see

The direct download link is as follows:


-- Daniel

Daniel B Kennett
<email address removed> http://www.kennettnet.co.uk/software/

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