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[OFF] help with Adobe GoLive 6
Date: 08.05.02 03:14 (Tue, 7 May 2002 19:14:51 -0700)
From: jeb eddy


I'm doing "ok" but not well enough at teaching myself this website
development program.

If anyone could be an email and/or phone consultant to help me get
over some humps (like frames), please contact me directly:

<email address removed>

willing to pay$$.



ps: i just came back from running my drawing app on my neighbor's
PC, for the first time. i've run it (slowly) on VPC with win98; this
was real hardware with ME. it pretty much WORKED! i gotta put in
some more exception handlers; but i want to express my thanks to
Andrew Barry and the crew at RS for making this possible. a few
years ago i would not have believed it. now i do.

i hope they win another cool award at WWDC.

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