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[ANN] KuConta v1.5 is OUT!!! (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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  [ANN] KuConta v1.5 is OUT!!!   -   Dario Guerrero

[ANN] KuConta v1.5 is OUT!!!
Date: 29.05.02 22:13 (Wed, 29 May 2002 23:13:38 +0200)
From: Dario Guerrero
KuConta, an accounting application (made with REALbasic) for homes and
small bussiness has been updated. At its easy way of managing multiple
cashes and bank accounts, capability of handling any currency, and report
personalization, has been added important improvements to make easier the

Finds have been improved, filters can be saved, executed or edited
when necessary. Also has been added the capability of defining templates
for each type of transaction, this way data entry is simplified.

Speed of listboxes has been improved notably, making the program usage
more enjoyable.

The application automatically resize the rows of the report list if
any of the fields is so big it do not fit in one line.

And online help through all the application is included via tooltips.

It is available for Mac OS 9 or earlier and Mac OS X. Mac OS X 10.1
recommended, as KuConta has been optimized to make use of brand new
technologies from Mac OS X. Also, KuConta has been especially designed to
be integrated in the multiuser environment of Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

It is localized in English and Spanish and distributed with a
shareware fee of 20$ (aprox. 23€). You can download the demo version from
the following URLs:

For Mac OS 8.6 (with CarbonLib) and later, including Mac OS X:

More information and example movies are available at:

Release Notes:

v1.5: May, 2002.

-[BUG] : Text after a single quote was forgotten. Now fixed.
-[BUG] : Date is now correctly taken in the user format.
-[BUG] : Now selected transaction is properly displayed in list.
-[BUG] : Dates not ordered properly in list, now fixed.
-[BUG] : Ordering by import column was incorrect. Now fixed.
-[BUG] : Searching a range of dates in spanish format, doesn’t
provided expected results, now fixed.

-[NEW] : If some field of a transaction is too large, it is displayed
using several lines in the list.
-[NEW] : Import Quicken QIF Accounts. (Only one account for each
import, not the entire quicken data).
-[NEW] : Export to tab separated values.
-[NEW] : Import from tab separated values. ( with export, maybe
usefull for backups).
-[NEW] : Inline Help for toolbar buttons added.
-[NEW] : Inline Help for each interface element added.
-[NEW] : Improved searching. Now filters can be saved and customized.
-[NEW] : Improved data entry via Transaction templates.
-[NEW] : Automatic value signing for Expenses / Incomes.

-[NEW] : Now Multiple lines are shown in reports.
-[NEW] : Cosmetic fixes/changes to reports.
-[NEW] : Now columns can be ordered also in reverse mode.
-[NEW] : Added column resize capabilities to listboxes.
-[NEW] : Reports are now ordered by the same column as listbox.
-[NEW] : Mayor speed improvements in listbox handling and related
routines. About 3 times faster.
-[NEW] : The application open with the last window size used.

v 1.0

First release in January, 2002.

Kualo Software

Dario Guerrero Fernández
Jorge Salvador Caffarena

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