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8283 TempRes files?! (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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  8283 TempRes files?!   -   James Sentman

8283 TempRes files?!
Date: 29.05.02 03:37 (Tue, 28 May 2002 22:37:30 -0400)
From: James Sentman
Here's an interesting happening. Running 10.1.4 and RB 4.0.2 today
(can't use the new beta's yet for this project as they completely
mess up my windows) Got a message while running in the debugger that
it couldn't save the file due to a file system error. checked my disk
and it only had 4k free. This was strange as it had 1.2 gigs this

A little looking around revealed 8283, that's eight thousand two
hundred and eighty three, small TempRes files in my temporary items
directory! All of them created within 3 minutes of each other. If
memory serves me correctly RB creates temporary files of this type
when creating structures from resource forks for tab panels and
possibly other things. I can't imagine how this could happen, I'm not
using the GetTemporaryFolderitem command anywhere in the program it
must have been some hiccup in the IDE. I was just thinking about how
much luck I was having running/debugging/running when this happened.
Normally I can only do this once, but it seems that if I disable the
networking portion of the program I can run/debug/run many more
times. Going to have to experiment with that. But that doesn't
explain these files.

Has anyone else ever seen such odd behavior?