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[OT] Apple deemphasizing type/creator? I'll say one more thing, then shut up. (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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[OT] Apple deemphasizing type/creator? I'll say one more thing, then shut up.   -   Dan Smith

[OT] Apple deemphasizing type/creator? I'll say one more thing, then shut up.
Date: 30.05.02 20:05 (Thu, 30 May 2002 15:05:15 -0400)
From: Dan Smith
>From: "Brady Duga" <<email address removed>>
>On Thursday, May 30, 2002, at 08:21 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> If you want another burst of laughter... now that Apple is trying to
>> phase out
>> type/creator in favor of extensions in OS X, where is APPLE'S mechanism
>> for
>> registering extensions for use within OS X?
>This is the second such comment I've seen, and I'm wondering where you
>are getting this information that Apple is phasing out creator codes? I
>don't see that on their web site, and creator codes are (according to
>some 2001 docs) given higher precedence than file extensions
>The_Handlin_d_Documents.html). Even their new Bundle layout features
>support for creator codes in the Info.plist file
>iAnatomy_of_a_Bundle.html). Is there some other source I'm missing that
>deprecates creator codes?
>The La Jolla Underground

Oh, dear. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have opened this can of worms. I really
shouldn't have. Sorry.

At least one Apple mailing list was killed by endless discussions of this and
related matters, and I don't want to add too much to the noise level here. So
I'm going to say what I have to say and then not say any more on this topic. No
matter what. I promise. Not ever. Cross my heart.

My intuition based on what I've seen is that there are opposing factions on
this within Apple, and that Apple simply doesn't know what to do about it. A
lot of conflicting stuff has come out of Apple on this.

I am personally a vehement supporter of type/creator, by the way.

The System Overview indeed says that type/creator are still alive and that
applications should use BOTH type/creator AND extensions, and I've quoted it
any number of times in support of, for example, my repeated bug reports about
Project Builder not setting type=TEXT on text files that it creates.

But there is also a set of Guidelines for the use of file extensions,
, which is slanted differently from the System Overview. The file extensions
guideline says something more along the lines of "you MUST use extensions in
certain ways, and if you feel like it and want to maintain backward
compatibility you are ALLOWED to use type/creator too." Well, actually, what it
says is: "Applications may set an HFS file type for documents they create if
they wish. The benefit is increased interoperability with Mac OS 9
applications. Any existing HFS type of a file opened and saved by an
application should be preserved, unless the user does an explicit Save As
operation that creates a new file, or the application changes the type of the
file as a result of the editing." The question then arises, within Apple, how
much stress is being put on "interoperability with Mac OS 9 applications."

Apple issued an infamous Technical Note, TN2034 IIRC, which said a whole bunch
of unpleasant things, including a specific recommendation NOT to set
type/creator (on the grounds of efficiency or something), but it was withdrawn
a few days after it was published after a firestorm of criticism.

The fact that Project Builder (Apple's own development tool) creates text files
with empty type/creator (even if you explicitly type in a name ending in .c or
.h or .txt) speaks volumes. The fact that I've reported this as a bug four
times within the last year-and-a-half, and nobody has said, "Oh, let's humor
those OS 9 fogeys, I'm tired of seeing this silly bug report, let's fix it"
says even more.

You will have to do your own Kremlinology and decide for yourself what
direction or directions Apple is or is not moving in with regard to

But I certainly don't think there's any harm in continuing to set type/creator,
and in registering creator names for as long as Apple keeps the type/creator
registration Web site is kept in operation. Certainly if you expect your
application to work properly under OS 9 you should do this!

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