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SilverCreator v1.0b1 released; site revamped (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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  SilverCreator v1.0b1 released; site revamped   -   Mike Richardson

SilverCreator v1.0b1 released; site revamped
Date: 30.05.02 02:34 (Wed, 29 May 2002 20:34:09 -0500)
From: Mike Richardson
SilverCreator v1.0b1 has been released. SilverCreator is a card-based
game and application development system from SilverNetworks.
SilverCreator lets you express your ideas quickly, easily, and freely.
You can sell your programs, because there's no royalties. Sprites,
movies, sound, and more let you create a multimedia rich game.
Scripting, Methods and functions let you create a modern game easily.
2-player ONLINE games are easy, with built-in game socket support.
Click-areas, keyboard support, there's so much more.

SilverCreator v1.0b1 improves upon v1.0DR5 with movie support, much
improved Mac OS X support, 3 window sizes, file I/O, timers,
SpeakString, undo tool, improved Help, and tons of bug fixes! A full
change list is at the website.

You can compile for 68K, PowerPC, and Mac OS X. SilverCreator is
available for PPC System 7.5.3 to Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X.

Additionally, the SilverCreator website has been totally revamped with a
new look (consistent with the rest of our site) and several new areas.


Of course, SilverCreator is Made With REALbasic.