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Re: Cross-Platform Styled Text Class *SOLVED* (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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  Re: Cross-Platform Styled Text Class *SOLVED*   -   Chris Wysoglad

Re: Cross-Platform Styled Text Class *SOLVED*
Date: 30.05.02 15:51 (Thu, 30 May 2002 09:51:11 -0500)
From: Chris Wysoglad
Thanks to everyone who helped me out trying to get my styled text to display
correctly on both platforms. Joel Rosenblum, Kevin Ballard, and Emil Schwarz
all were a great help.

My ultimate solution for my project is to actually have 2 sets of text
files. I will be using SimpleText files to pull data from for the Mac side,
and I will be using RTF files to pull data from on the PC side. Joel was
correct in his belief that on the PC side, an EditField handles RTF text
natively, so everything displays correctly. I'm bringing in the data using

My project will, at final, have about 1,000 records/files that I will be
pulling from, so this solution will work fine for my application. There
won't be any disc space issues.

Thanks again to everyone.