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Not being a Windows resource hog (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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Not being a Windows resource hog   -   Paul Rodman

Not being a Windows resource hog
Date: 30.07.02 17:26 (Tue, 30 Jul 2002 09:26:33 -0700)
From: Paul Rodman
I have a piece of RB software that works just spiffingly on Mac and
Windows NT/2000/XP. However, on Win 95/98/ME it sucks the resources
down to nothing and often won't run properly on those systems.

This is because:
a. I have a tabbed window with several multi-column lists, popup
menus, buttons, etc.
b. Win 95-ME limit the total number of "resources" for (apparently)
performance reasons.
c. You can't increase the resource count on those systems - it's
hardwired in. Something to do with 64K pages or whatever.

When writing such applications for Windows what one would typically
do is release the visual resource if they were not visible (i.e. on a
non-visible tab).

My question is: can I do this myself via RB or should I REALbug it? I
know most of you don't give a whit about Windows, but I have a lot of
mildly irate Windows people getting on my case. I'm tempted to tell
them to upgrade to Mac OS X, but I might get into trouble...

Paul Rodman

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