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Re: Packages in 4.5 (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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Re: Packages in 4.5   -   Scott Kendall
  Re: Packages in 4.5   -   Joseph J. Strout

Re: Packages in 4.5
Date: 01.08.02 22:04 (Thu, 1 Aug 2002 17:04:21 -0400)
From: Scott Kendall
sorry about the mail with no subject..I just did a major no no!

anyway...I got it to work using dlg.filter = "special/any" and creating
a filetype of "special/any" using ???/APPL witih extension .exe, .app
(thanks for the windows tip, Thomas Reed..it might come in handy!)

Scott Kendall

On Thursday, August 1, 2002, at 04:29 PM, REALbasic Network Users Group

> I know that the Release notes say that packages are "selectable" in
> 4.5, I have followed the directions for creating a folderitemdialog
> class in hopes to been able to select packages (ie. AppleWorks, Adobe
> Acrobat Reader, etc), but I cannot get it to work. Here is my code:
> Dim dlg as openDialog
> Dim f as FolderItem
> dlg=New OpenDialog
> dlg.ActionButtonCaption="Select"
> dlg.Filter = "application/applefile"
> fÐg.ShowModal()
> if f <> Nil then
> //use the folderitem here
> else
> //user cancelled
> end if
> After running this, it still won't let me select a package, can anyone
> help me with this? what am i doing wrong? I think my filter is wrong,
> but I am not sure.
> Thanks

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Re: Packages in 4.5
Date: 01.08.02 22:25 (Thu, 1 Aug 2002 14:25:16 -0700)
From: Joseph J. Strout
At 5:04 PM -0400 8/1/02, Scott Kendall wrote:

>anyway...I got it to work using dlg.filter = "special/any" and
>creating a filetype of "special/any" using ???/APPL witih extension
>.exe, .app

OK, but this is going to confuse you (and others) later, because
"special/any" is the conventional name for a File Type with type
"????", not "APPL". I suggest you rename your File Type to something
more descriptive, like "application".

- Joe