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Re: HandleAppleEvents (solved)
Date: 28.08.02 23:45 (Wed, 28 Aug 2002 18:45:38 -0400)
From: chris
I hate to keep replying to myself... but I figured it out... a word to
the wise when creating a scriptable app.

Apple's Script Editor does NOT properly reload the dictionary for an app
unless you first quit ScriptEditor and then restart it. Just closing the
script you are working on doesn't help, nor does opening the apps

So the source of my problem was that early on, I think I reversed the
Class and ID, and since I never actually quit ScriptEditor, it never
properly updated its dictionary, despite my app having been recompiled
with new resources.

I figured this out when I added a new event, and ScriptEditor wouldn't
let me use it as a script step. After quitting and relauching, it allowed
the new event just fine.


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