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RB 4.5.2 and latest iBook + MacOS X 1.2 [and off too]   -   Emile Schwarz

RB 4.5.2 and latest iBook + MacOS X 1.2 [and off too]
Date: 12.12.02 09:57 (Thu, 12 Dec 2002 09:57:57 +0100)
From: Emile Schwarz
Hi all,

a. Part 1
I’m coming back after a 4 month silence (since early august).

Apologies to the people that wanted to hear from me and just get silence.

I was computer-less (without computer since that date) and I’m -
actually - without my whole archives (my computers and CD-ROM are in a
storage bin since that date and for some times).

I do not have my address book (email) and so I cannot send mail(s) to
some people.

I will get back the Beta and Nug digest (early august - end november) in
the next days.

I even do not remember the RB version I register and the s/n ! [already
asked to Alsyd the details].

a. Part 2
Is there bugs specific to 4.5.2 AND MacOS X 10.2.2 [iBook 800 MHz + 14.1"] ?

I use RB 4.5.2 and get one quit yesterday (of course, I do not know why
!) and I’m asking myself the above question, so I "share" it to you.

I remember I used the informations from a Visual Basic site, but
unfortunately, I do not remember its url (Windows declare for Visual
Basic). Is it possible for someone to share it (one more time) ?

Thanks for your answers,


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