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How to enable/disable ScrollBar ?
Date: 13.12.02 08:41 (Fri, 13 Dec 2002 09:41:26 +0200)


I am trying to make a custom scrollbar which scrolls the text in the
editfield. I've just written the scrolling part of the scrollbar1 but have
no idea how to write enable/disable properties of a scrollbar1.  I've the
following codes in my scrollbar1 code editor:

In scrollbar1, valueChanged:
editfield1.ScrollPosition()=scrollBar1.value -EditField1.TextSize+6

In EditField1, Open:
scrollBarhelp.maximumíitField1.height -scrollBarhelp.height

these codes look work well but when I resize(enlarge) the window1 which
makes visible all the text on Editfield1 The scrollbar1 doesn't become
disable. I'll add the following codes at both scrollbar1 and Editfield1 Open
event but nothing changed.

In scrollbar1, Open:
if EditField1.TextSize<=ScrollBarhelp.Height then
end if

I've also tried to add the codes above in Window1, Resize but it doesn't
work either. What's wrong or missing here? Any idea?

PS: I am very sorry to ask this question but could someone please tell me
how to reply a message to the list? I actually couldn't able to reply any
message to the senders who send me responses for any of my questions.
Someone who points to me how to do, makes me really grateful. Thanks...


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