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RB Book [Was Keyboard.AsyncKeydown sorrows]   -   Joe Huber

RB Book [Was Keyboard.AsyncKeydown sorrows]
Date: 13.12.02 19:54 (Fri, 13 Dec 2002 10:54:21 -0800)
From: Joe Huber
At 10:06 AM -0600 12/13/02, Thomas Reed wrote:
>OTOH, I learned REALbasic all by myself, and don't own any of the
>various third-party books. Between the tutorials, the documentation
>and this list, I've never had any desire for one. The big downside
>to the books is that they get outdated very quickly.

Thomas is a very smart guy so he doesn't need no stinkin' books. :-)

But for the rest of us below average types, I can't recommend Matt's
book highly enough. It documents an incredible number of nooks and
crannies about REALbasic in far greater detail than any of the
official reference manuals. And it has real world examples plus
warnings about important stuff to look out for and usually with
suggested workarounds.

I've been actively using RB for over 4 years and I'm still amazed at
the depth of info available in Matt's book. I learn something new and
clever everytime I pick it up.

Anyone using RB regularly REALLY needs to have a copy.

Happy Holidays,
Joe Huber

PS And I ain't got no affiliation with nobody. :-)

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