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Date: 13.08.03 10:29 (Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:29:37 +0100)
From: Adrian Harris
I'm sure they'll announce this later and update the website - this is
what I wanted to know:


[Fix] (Car) Apple Menu Items: Clicking an Apple menu item in a Carbon
app running on Mac OS 9 works again. (Feedback ID: kpgpolmy)
[Fix] (All) Compiler: now reports an error instead of failing an
assertion at codegenerator.cpp:464. (Feedback ID: hsnhzyiq)
[Fix] (OSX) Composite Windows: Tabs of TabPanels on composite windows
are no longer clipped to the tabpanel's previous bounds. (Feedback ID:
[Afx] (All) DatabaseField.GetString: strips out the .0 from whole
numbered doubles.
[Fix] (OSX) Debugger: no longer freezes if the text to be displayed
contains a Unicode byte-order mark . (Feedback ID: huaaocua)
[Fix] (Win) Drag and Drop: coordinates for accepting drops are no
longer offset when embeded on other controls such as a pagepanel.
[Fix] (Win) Editfield.SelTextFont: setting or getting the TextFont or
SelTextFont now works with unicode font names.
[Fix] (OSX) IDE Launch: worked around a problem in pre-release versions
of Panther that prevents the IDE from launching.
[Fix] (IDE) Menus: now displays unicode text correctly on Windows 98
[Fix] (OS9) PopupMenus: Inserting a blank item into no longer causes
that item and all the ones that follow it to be named "temp". (Feedback
ID: siaehovy)
[Fix] (Win) Printing: No longer shifting printed area down by the width
and height of the non-printable area.
[Fix] (IDE) Windows IDE: now honors CAPs lock state in both the code
editor and KeyDown events (although editfields worked properly prior to
this fix). [winutil.cpp]

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