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Re: Windows Document Icon   -   Adam Ernst
  Fixing the Windows XP icon for my application?   -   Ward Clark

Fixing the Windows XP icon for my application?
Date: 22.10.03 20:03 (Wed, 22 Oct 2003 15:03:50 -0400)
From: Ward Clark
I'm one of the many concerned with the quality of my application icon
on Windows, especially Windows XP.

What's happening in my case is that my icon is round. On Mac OS X, the
icon looks fine at all sizes. On Windows NT and XP, even the 32 x 32
icon has a jagged edge. It looks like REALbasic or Windows is using
the 1-bit mask instead of the 8-bit mask (which apparently has a
dithered edge to the circle).

In August, Adam Ernst wrote:

> On Windows you need to create a .ico file from your icon (any icon
> editor can do it from the images you have) and save it somewhere
> (preferably C:\Program Files\). Then you need to update the registry
> (via the RegistryItem class) to reflect where you stored the icon and
> what the extension of your file type is. In general it's a mess, but
> doable.

This prompted me to try adjusting my application icon on Windows XP
using my app.ico file. Windows lets me change the icon of a Shortcut
so that it looks just as good on XP as it does on OS X. However, I
don't see any way to fix the icon on the app.exe file.


-- Ward

P.S. I'm running RB 5.2.1 on Mac OS X 10.2.6.

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