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[ANN] Log analyzer TrendyMac 0.9.14 ava =lable - Feedback welcome? (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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  [ANN] Log analyzer TrendyMac 0.9.14 ava =lable - Feedback welcome?   -   Stefan Pantke

[ANN] Log analyzer TrendyMac 0.9.14 ava =lable - Feedback welcome?
Date: 02.08.05 15:53 (Tue, 2 Aug 2005 16:53:08 +0200)
From: Stefan Pantke

just a short notice, that we released version R 0.9.14 of our RB 5.5
log analyzer 'TrendyMac' for OS X.

'TrendyMac' analyzes visitors, browser, sites, pages, return codes,
browser types, referring sites, queries of various search engines
and finally request time. Further report types to be added shortly.

Using a RegEx defined 'Special' reports, logfile entries can be further
evaluated. A set of predefined 'Special' reports is included: Google
forward pages by search engines and AdWords, operating system report,
referring sites and domains reports, browser locale reports and
of file types.

'Include' allows to restrict an analysis to certain sites, while
allows to exclude certain URLs or referrers. 'Restrict' allows to
a certain period of time.

TrendyMac support Common, Combined and Short Logfiles of
Mac, Windows or Unix. GZip files are read in place (and not compressed

Last but not least, 'TrendyMac' allows to evaluate analysis results
'live search' feature quite similar to Apple.Mail and certain 'focus on'

This is a demo/preview, which analyzes any number of logfiles or
logfile entries, but cripples results.

Once TrendyMac 1.0 is out, I'm happy to offer a special discount for
NUG members for invaluable help! Thanks again!

Feedback is very welcome - positive and negative!


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Sample Landscape Report


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