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A minor attaboy (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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A minor attaboy   -   Robert Woodhead

A minor attaboy
Date: 02.08.05 16:02 (Tue, 2 Aug 2005 11:02:56 -0400)
From: Robert Woodhead
What with all the kvetching we do about problems in RB, it is only
fair that when we stumble into something that "just works right", we
should give the developers an attaboy.

I had a situation where it would be really nice to be able to have
access to a text file (a tab-delimited file that I could turn into
menus on launch) inside the app.

I tried dragging the file into the project window and it accepted it.
Cool, thought I.

So I popped open the documentation and tried to find out if (a) it
really was helpful and (b) how can I access the data.

Well, into each attaboy a kvetch must be inserted (I have my
reputation to consider); the manual really sucks about explaining
this feature. It tells you what you can drag in (except that it
doesn't list text files; UG,pg 237) but not how to access them
(you're told you're going to learn more about the types later, but
the actual classes are not defined, UG,pg 50). I finally found a
tiny reference to "other files being available as strings" (UG,pg 50)

In other words, it does what you expect, except that I didn't expect
it to work because it was hard to verify it from the documentation.
The fact that I just didn't try the obvious should give you an
indication of the level of paranoia I apply when programming.

A simple chart of "drag this in, get this kind of object" would be
much clearer.

But it's nice that RB does the right and useful thing in this case.


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