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Re: Can plugins be reused? [signed] (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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Re: Can plugins be reused?   -   Giovanni
  Re: Can plugins be reused? [signed]   -   Chris Henkel [c]

Re: Can plugins be reused? [signed]
Date: 01.08.07 12:38 (Wed, 01 Aug 2007 13:38:45 +0200)
From: Chris Henkel [c]
Giovanni schrieb:
> Under Windows we have no problem securing our app, and even
> encrypting the EXE and its dlls in to a single EXE package.
> This is our first deployment under OSX, so protecting our app before
> deployment is kinda important.
Hi Giovanni,

this - encrypting and wrapping your executable (and even supporting
files) - is something which can be done by using tools from Aladdin
(HASP) for Mac OS X and Windows...