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Re: MoviePlayer or Movie bug?   -   Dave Wooldridge
  [SPAM] Re: MoviePlayer or Movie bug?   -   Markus Winter
   Re: MoviePlayer or Movie bug?   -   Dave Wooldridge

[SPAM] Re: MoviePlayer or Movie bug?
Date: 28.11.07 19:05 (Wed, 28 Nov 2007 18:05:25 +0000)
From: Markus Winter
>> For that matter, on Windows with non-QT movies
>> MoviePlayer1.Position is zero no matter where the position is
>> It's 3:54 am, I'm on a deadline, and I'm starting to feel ... well, you
>> don't want to know ...
> Markus,

First off: Thanks!

> it sounds like you're using the Windows Media Player as the

Correct - have to for non-QT

> MoviePlayer control's engine on Windows (MoviePlayer.PlayerType = 2), which
> I found often does not return the right values of the movie.

%@$!& (insert favourite swear words of your own choice)

Yes, that's the experience I'm having.

> The way around it is to dig into the Windows Media ActiveX API

Isn't that RS job? I use REALbasic for a reason (don't know enough about C
or APIs etc), and the reason is still valid ... but the point might not be
valid anymore (aka "REALbasic to the rescue?")

The movieplayer control is so badly broken it's just not funny anymore.
Looking at the release note of R5 it seems >mostly< cosmetic bug fixes to me
while long standing bugs like the movieplayer bugs are verified and ignored
(since 2005!).

Best Regards


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