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IDE Attributes ?
Date: 27.04.09 17:41 (Mon, 27 Apr 2009 18:41:27 +0200 (CEST))
From: emile.a.schwarz
Hi all,

I do not understand what are "Attributes". I found that in the User's Guide PDF by pure hazard.

I readed the text and so I do not understand, so I wanted to do it to see what happens.

The documentation states:

Right+Click (Command-Click on Macintosh) on the Code Editor item and choose Attributes.. from the contextual menu.

and this is false: Control-Click in MacOS X = Right-Click.

And I can't get any Attributes window at all. It simply does not works (here, I cannot make it works).

That is at the bottom of page 332 and in page 333.

REAL Studio 2k9r2
MacBook 2.4GHZ
MacOS X 10.5.6

Any light is welcome.


PS: what really annoy me (apart from the fact that I do not understand what are Attributes) is that I forgot what I was seeking at Attributes discover time. I wrote a note to not forget my finding, but forgot to explain what I was seeking!

Last Breaking News: I was searching Constructors and Destructors! (the previous paragraph!!!)

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