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Re: Custom Classes and Constructors   -   Kirk Gray
  [OT]Re: Custom Classes and Constructors   -   RPEHLM

[OT]Re: Custom Classes and Constructors
Date: 08.08.09 21:03 (Sat, 08 Aug 2009 22:03:12 +0200)
This thread has been well and truely hijacked! I'm pleading guilty :)


Kirk Gray wrote:
> On Aug 8, 2009, at 10:49 AM, Terry Ford wrote:
>> On Aug 8, 2009, at 8:44 AM, Norman Palardy wrote:
>>> On 8-Aug-09, at 9:14 AM, Kirk Gray wrote:
>>>> On Aug 8, 2009, at 9:02 AM, Norman Palardy wrote:
>>>>> If it weren't for coffee and Cheezies (see
>>>>> http://www.cheezies.com/flash.htm - way better than Cheezit's etc)
>>>>> I may have starved through University :P
>>>> Well of course. Cheezies are deep fried. Cheezits are baked.
>>>> Deep fried beats baked ANY day. :o)
>>> Of course !
>>> Deep fried twinkies are way better than plain old twinkies (really!)
>>> And even a deep fried dill pickle is pretty darned good :P
>> Boy. You guys must love Trans-Fats. I nibble on Cheddar Cheese
>> Goldfish to satisfy my cravings. Baked; not fried. Much healthier for
>> my old body.
>> Besides, the cheese in Cheezies and Cheeseits taste like chemicals to
>> me. The excessive salt masks this somewhat.
>> I feel sorry for your arteries.
> Terry,
> I see you fail to fully appreciate the love and old-world
> craftsmanship that are necessary to chemically break down "all
> natural" food stuffs, separate, dehydrate, and prepare their
> constituent parts. Store and transport them in huge quantities. Then
> loving recombine them to create something new. Something wonderful.
> Something never intended by Nature.
> The only fitting way to prepare a feast of this kind is in a
> commercial vat of boiling, glorious, partially hydrogenated mono- and
> polyunsaturated fats.
> Surely the gods have visited us with high cholesterol, hardening of
> the arteries, coronary heart disease, and the rest out of spite and
> jealousy -- because we have created something so utterly fantastically
> tasty. And worse -- not shared it with them.
> :o)
> P.S. These are, of course, the same gods that get totally pissed when
> list threads are highjacked.
> —————————————
> Kirk Gray
> REALbasic Studio 2009r2.1
> MacBook Core 2 Duo, OS X 10.5.6
> Power Mac dual G4, OS X 10.4.11
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