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  Webcam on Windows   -   Brad Hutchings

Webcam on Windows
Date: 02.08.10 00:11 (Sun, 1 Aug 2010 16:11:54 -0700)
From: Brad Hutchings
I'm using Aaron's Windows Functionality Suite to try to connect to a
webcam on Windows. I just made a simple app with a single canvas to
display the video. Here's what I'm finding:

1. On restart of the computer, my app will connect to the webcam and
show its video.

2. If I close the app, and relaunch, the app asks me for a "video
source", then displays black. With the debugger, I find that the

3. If I close the app, start up my built in ASUS webcam app, then
launch my app while the ASUS webcam app is running, I get a green
display. Quitting the ASUS webcam app, my app starts displaying video
captured by the webcam.

So I'm thinking there might be some initialization step that's
necessary, but can't seem to find any information anywhere about it.
Has anyone seen anything similar?