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  Lion's new Emoji color font   -   Stéphane Mons <

Lion's new Emoji color font
Date: 03.08.11 19:23 (Wed, 3 Aug 2011 20:23:33 +0200)
From: Stéphane Mons <
For those interested, Lion introduced the new "Apple Color Emoji" font inherited from iOS containing a lot of symbols for people, nature, objects, places, smileys. However, there are some limitations for its use in RB (after some personal testing).

Note: for easier access, activate Keyboard & Character Viewer option in the Language & Text pane of System Preferences. You can then invoke the Character Viewer from the menu bar.

Carbon seems to cope rather moderately well with Emoji. It will work (i.e. display in color) ONLY if no other installed font has a variant of the character: KEYCAP chars, arrows… don't work but smileys work like most of the symbols. As a rule of thumb, characters that display appropriately in the IDE will cause no problem. Graphics.DrawString or Graphics.DrawObject do not give better result. TextArea allows the use of all Emojis but TextField can be used only with Emojis which have no variant in installed fonts.

On Cocoa, all Emojis display properly in TextField, TextArea, in Canvases using either DrawString or a StringShape. Just set the Font to "Apple Color Emoji" when necessary. Who said that Cocoa isn't ready yet ? :-) 😄

On both Carbon and Cocoa, because the IDE is running in Carbon, Emojis having variants in other installed fonts won't display properly in MenuItems and most probably in any string (constant, initial values…) stored in the project.

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