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Set the file comments using AppleScript (under Lion) (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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Re: Backward to 2011r3 from Xojo   -   Garth Hjelte
  Set the file comments using AppleScript (under Lion)   -   Emile Schwarz

Set the file comments using AppleScript (under Lion)
Date: 03.08.11 19:39 (Wed, 03 Aug 2011 20:39:20 +0200)
From: Emile Schwarz
Hi all,

Here is the script I use:

on run {filePath, fileComment}
tell application "Finder"
set the_File to filePath as alias
set comment of the_File to fileComment
end tell
end run

I saved it under Set_Comments.scpt and imported it into the Project pane.

THIS works fine under Lion / “current Real Studio in demo mode” (in a
specific project created for the tests) even with a very long pathname
and I do not know why I have troubles with this script on my project.

BTW: filePath and fileComment are strings.

filePath is the absolute path of the just created file that I wat put
comments to.
fileComment is ... the comments to be set to the filePath file.

I tested that some days ago and I am still asking myself why it works or
not depending on the folder location in the hierarchy (this may not be
true) with RB2009r5.1 / Snow Leopard.

What I am sure is that when the target folder is in the root folder I
always get my comments; else I usually not get them. But the path (to my
target folder) lengh may not be the only reason (non ASCII characters ?).

Of course, when I have in mind the SandBox, this can be obsolete.



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