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Changing the TextFont on multiple controls (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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  Changing the TextFont on multiple controls   -   Tim Jones

Changing the TextFont on multiple controls
Date: 03.08.11 00:39 (Tue, 2 Aug 2011 16:39:27 -0700)
From: Tim Jones
Hi Folks,

I've inherited a couple of projects and the original code used the System font with a textsize of 11 instead of SmallSystem and a textsize of 0. I opened one window and selected all of the controls using this setting and I've uncovered an oddity. Making the change to SmallSystem sticks, but the TextSize change to 0 is often ignored.

Should I be able to select different types of controls and perform this type of mass change, or an I limited to a single control type (or is this an IDE bug)?


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