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Valentina Studio PRO 5.0 + SQLite and PostgreSQL -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED. (Real Studio network user group Mailinglist archive)

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  Valentina Studio PRO 5.0 + SQLite and PostgreSQL -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED.   -   Ruslan Zasukhin

Valentina Studio PRO 5.0 + SQLite and PostgreSQL -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED.
Date: 29.03.12 12:45 (Thu, 29 Mar 2012 14:45:06 +0300)
From: Ruslan Zasukhin
Hi Guys,

We are close to ship Valentina 5.0 product line.

Many news comes with 5.0. One of major is -- new features of Valentina
Studio Pro described a little below.

We want invite 5-10 developers to help us do beta testing of SQLite and
Postgre plugins. Especially will be good if you are used To Navicate, mySQL
WorkBench or another DB Manager GUI tool ...

Any platform: Mac, Windows, Linux.

Subject of testing first of all:
admin of your db, learns chema: tables, views, triggers, indexes,...
data editor of records
SQL editor
Diagrams -- forward and reverse engineering, existed and new objects
REPORT EDITOR with Lite or Postgre or mySQL as datasource.

If you want do that please contact me privately.
Please do not answer to this list.

P.S. Anybody need import of XCODE model into SQLite or Postgre db schema?
We have this for Valentina DB already ...


=GD?DGD?DGD?DGD?DODSD#DODODDD3D?D3D?D3D?D3D?D3D=* Very major feature of 5.0 will be located in Valentina Studio

* SQLite and Postgre admin plugins.

* Very Powerful new Diagram/Model editor for all 3 DBs.
Reverse and Forward engineering of model.
It will allow save hours and days if you develop or improve db schema.
It can self create needed ObjectPtr/FK fields, and even MM table...
You need to see that ...

We can do things which cannot do Navicat and WorkBench.
In particular we can mix on same diagram existed db objects and
designed objects...

* SQL DIFF -- year of development in this area by at least one of our
developer. In fact this piece of code tightly integrated into Diagrams

* Valentina REPORT now can use SQLite, Postgre as datasources.
and mySQL at runtime.

=oD#DGDODWDoDwDcDoDwDgDSDODwD/DSDsDgDgDcD#DcDcDoDr* Valentina SERVER -- is DB + REPORTs Server.

* at FIRST TIME VServer via its VReport.dll can talk to other VServer or
PostgreSQL or mySQL servers to get from them data to build REPORTS.
YES, mySQL already works as datasource for reports.

* TEAM now can work together over diagrams. Exists locks and warning
dialogs in Vstudio about possible conflicts.